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Thought Thursday – Spinning Plates

Hubs and I have seen a few Cirque de Soleil shows and each time, I’m impressed. The athleticism, flexibility, and talent on display, is breathtaking. Years of dedicated practice combined with innate courage and ability makes for a fantastic exhibition of near miraculous contortion, balance, and finesse. Of all the performers, I remain oddly fascinated …

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Thought Thursday – Self-Care

To ensure I don’t burn myself out, and because I have a book I’m trying desperately to get ready for market, I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from weekly blog posts.

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Thought Thursday – Awesome Me

“… The antithesis of productivity.”

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Thought Thursday – Save The Cat!

“…you seize it, embrace it, and cherish it like the precious gift it is.”

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Thought Thursday – Only Books

“…would they receive the same silent assent as I did, growing up? Or, would they be looked at oddly, perhaps teased or ridiculed…”

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Thought Thursday – Instinct and Wishes

Moral of this story: When your gut talks, listen.

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Kings and Lionesses

This week in 1918 the Representation of the People Act 1918 came into effect in Britain. It was the first legal step towards full voting rights for women. 1918. Let that sink in. Little more than one-hundred years ago, women in Britain—the founding nation of colonies that eventually developed into democratic countries (after a little …

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Independence—or Stubborn?

They see right through me. And turn the subject to how I like self-publishing? Now it’s my turn to turn the tables, so to speak:…

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Of Timidity and Daring

My reluctance to reach out centered on my and my husband’s frequent travel schedule, and my unwillingness to inconvenience the facility owner.

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I Think So

A friend recently posted a meme on Facebook about the INFJ personality type, which is only 1-3 % of the population. It’s also my type, as well as hers I assume. This got me thinking about whether INFJs are reflected in greater numbers within the writing/artist community. Based on what I found on this website, …

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