I Think So

A friend recently posted a meme on Facebook about the INFJ personality type, which is only 1-3 % of the population. It’s also my type, as well as hers I assume. This got me thinking about whether INFJs are reflected in greater numbers within the writing/artist community.

Based on what I found on this website, I think so.
Writer/artist jobs fall within the top-ten jobs recommended for INFJ types, which means that whether someone knows she’s an INFJ or not, there’s good chance she’s either drawn to work that feeds her inherent nature, or has been redirected towards it after trying other occupations that didn’t fit. That’s true of me.

I’ve always loved writing, and books, for as long as I can remember. I also love helping others make positive changes, whether its to escape an abusive relationship, or redecorate/paint a room to make it more “them”. I absolutely love crafting book-related artwork, whether a cover or teaser. I abhor investing my time and energy into work geared simply to protect someone else’s bottom line, especially at the expense of others or the environment. I do not have the “shark” mentality. I’m more sheepdog. I like to gather my flock for a common purpose and I will fight to the death to protect it. And if or when I recognize that I or my contributions are not valued, I head for greener pastures, as I’ve done with other jobs I’ve had. Writer, truly, is a good fit for me.

What about you? Do you know your Kiersey personality type? If you do, does it fit with what you know of yourself? More importantly, are you in the right job for you?

Deborah Small decided at age eleven she wanted to be a novelist. Two-decades, and four children later, she abandoned plans for a career in law-enforcement to sit down and fulfill that childhood dream. A member of Romance Writers of America, she lives with her husband and family in the Pacific Northwest.

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