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Motivation Behind the First Book

Two women inspired my first novel. My mom. And my step-grandmother. For more information on each woman, please click on one of the photos below.


                 My Mom




My Step-Grandma

















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My step-grandmother passed in January of 2015. She was ninety-nine. She was also the inspiration behind my choosing the Titanic as part of the setting in my novel, My Dear One. Born in Devon, England, Grandma came to Canada in 1915 when she was only a few weeks old, one of many pioneers that helped build …


She was seventeen when she hung up the phone after a whispered conversation with her boyfriend, and her mom called her name. When she turned around, her mom said, “Are you pregnant?” She was. And she was only seventeen years old, a recent high-school graduate. The year was 1963. “Your father can never know.” And …