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A Covid-19 Degree More Difficult

I lost a step yesterday. Monday, I woke up with more energy than I had in months since taking on MIL’s fulltime care. I got out for a run, I bought a coffee, and I savoured the sunshine and budding trees as I power walked home. Tuesday, my cat died, for all intent and purpose, …

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Writer Wednesday: Self Care

“When one’s brain shuts down when confronted with something that is usually routine, or that usually brings joy… “

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Thought Thursday – Self-Care

To ensure I don’t burn myself out, and because I have a book I’m trying desperately to get ready for market, I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from weekly blog posts.

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Angels Among Us

The Holiday season tends to disrupt the routine of all but the laser-focused amongst us; Christmas parties and socials, gift shopping and wrapping, baking, packing, hosting… A whole year of fun distractions and social-catch-up crammed into thirty-one days. It’s fun, if exhausting. Toss in a couple of unplanned ER visits, and it’s down-right invigorating. And …

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