Thought Thursday – Spinning Plates

Hubs and I have seen a few Cirque de Soleil shows and each time, I’m impressed. The athleticism, flexibility, and talent on display, is breathtaking. Years of dedicated practice combined with innate courage and ability makes for a fantastic exhibition of near miraculous contortion, balance, and finesse.

Of all the performers, I remain oddly fascinated by the jugglers and plate spinners. Especially the plate spinners. I can barely manhandle a single plate to the table with a glass of wine in my other hand, and some talented people spin upwards of eight or more plates at a time on the tip of narrow sticks. Truly, a life metaphor for anyone multi-tasking a variety of responsibilities.

Right now, I’m feeling the same breath-held dread I do when I watch the plate spinners, as I spin a few plates of my own, and not nearly as successfully.

We’re leaving today for a ten-day camping holiday and we’re taking our nieces and my husband’s mother along. I have revisions to complete on one novel by the end of the month, and a novella I would ideally like to finish writing by the end of July, as well. I should also be working daily on book 2 of my new series, if I’m to get it out in any timely manner. Then there’s the finished manuscript of yet another book I wrote a few years ago quietly biding its time in hopes I’ll buckle down to revisions on it. Plates. Sticks. No talent for plate spinning.

Ah, well, these are all good plates to have, even if some sit in a cupboard a while longer. I’m sure there’s a trick to it, and one day with enough practice I’ll be good enough to sit in the audience at another Cirque de Soleil event. Until then, enjoy…



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