KOBO February Promo

Hello friends – if you’re a KOBO subscriber, set a reminder on your phone or mark your calendar, because …

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Author Life – Writing Historical Romance

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An Atmosphere of Trouble

Another day of heavy rain, another atmospheric river. Roads, and homes, and whole communities washed out; highways closed or closing. Gasoline and diesel being rationed. It’s been a dreadful year of Covid, drought, wildfires, and now floods in our province. Hubs and I, and most everyone I know, are fortunately, fine. So many are not, …

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Down and Out

I own a smartphone. I can connect with friends, family members, and professional groups via text, or Zoom. But my readers … My darling readers…

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Never Again

#truthandreconciliation #theywerechildren #fightdiscrimination #embracediversity #orangeshirtday #september30

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Steady as She Goes

The latest Covid-19 development in my home province is a travel ban. I get why our government is doing it; I’m still furious it’s come to this. For the last year, the one way Hubs and I managed to muddle through not being able to hang out with friends and family was to escape in …

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This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been calling it PSD (Pandemic Stress Disorder) and Pandemic Ugh. This New York Times article by organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, defines the emotional and physical lethargy many of us are puddling through as: Languishing, a term that for me, conjures much better imagery. Instead of imagining a blind mouse bouncing off the walls of …

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Save and Salvage

“Well, it seems the copy of the WIP I found in my email from 2013 Deb, wasn’t the final version. I found a…”

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Echoes of Memory

Ostensibly, when a chick flies the nest, the nest should feel bigger. More expansive. But with two gone and one prepping to fly away tomorrow, our nest feels like it’s shrinking. Folding in on itself, like Origami; changing shape without changing foundation. The universe condensing around echoes of memory that grow louder, and keener with …

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Countdown to True Love – Share to Win!

I’m hosting a contest for one lucky winner to win a custom tote and bookmark from me, and a bottle of Mon Guerlain from Parisian parfum maker, Guerlain, est. 1828. Click through to learn more! Contest details below: COUNTDOWN to TRUE LOVE, Share to Win, CONTEST ENTRY RULES Share to Win – Entrant must Follow/Like …

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