Thought Thursday – Instinct and Wishes

Last Thursday on Facebook I posted a couple of cryptic posts. Today I clear them up.

On Wednesday last, I made the spontaneous decision that in the morning (Thursday last) I would head off to Starbucks and cash in on my free drink reward, before starting my work day. There are numerous Starbucks in the area, one three minutes away, and a couple of others seven to ten minutes away, so it’s not a huge inconvenience or long delay in my schedule. For whatever reason, however, that morning I turned left instead of right, and headed off for one of the more distant Starbucks per some weird urge. My rational brain was like, “What? It’s faster to go that way, to that Starbucks.” Whatever. Something told me to go this way, so I accelerated and kept going.

Twenty minutes later, I’m exiting the other Starbucks, free bevy in hand, and I stop to hold the door for a couple of people headed in. Just as I let go and turn to head for my car, a woman approaches. I am immediately drawn to her hair style; it’s similar to mine, but coloured red. My hair stylist is 400 miles away in my former community. I’ve tried, and failed, to find anyone in my new community I felt did as good of job, so I simply add “get hair done” to my travel itinerary, and schedule an appointment a couple of months out (she books up fast).

Well, when I contacted my stylist in January re: possibility of a February appointment if I make the journey, she couldn’t fit me in. So, I was resigned to wearing a toque for the next couple of months, until I could get to her when she could fit me in (it’s winter, so hey); however, I did also decide to keep an eye out for local women with wicked-good hair styles, and ask them who their stylist was, and then trust the Universe to answer my call. Then I saw this woman.

“Hey, I love your hair,” I said. “Where’d you get it done?”

She looks over at me, surprised, one hand on the door handle in preparation of pulling it open. “Oh, um… On…” She names a highway.

It’s a long highway. A major road, so there’s a lot of businesses on it.

“Where about, exactly?”

She frowns. “Uh… near A&W.”

It’s a long highway. A major road. There’s at least four or five A&Ws spanned out over twenty miles.

“Which A&W?”

She frowns again. “Uh… the one near…” She names a grocery store. I know exactly which A&W she means.

“Who did your hair?”

“Evelyn.” She didn’t need to think about that, so that’s a good sign.

I thank her, and as the business plaza is not far away, I decide to drive by. It’s not even nine a.m., but I want to get a look at the place, get the phone number and hours of operation. I get there, and the OPEN sign is on and two women are inside. It’s 8:45 a.m.

I grab my coffee, head in, and let them know I’m interested in finding this Evelyn. I tell them how my stylist is four-hundred miles away, and I’m in need of colour and cut. I point to the toque. They nod knowingly.

The receptionist says, “We can help you. Do you want to wait for Evelyn? She doesn’t work today, but if you want Joanna can do you now.”

I show them a picture of me on my son’s wedding day. “Can she do this?”

Photo copyright: purplebutterflyphotography

The receptionist gestures to the woman behind her. “Joanna?”

Joanna looks at my photo, nods. “Yes. But if you want to wait for Evelyn…”

I take a leap of faith.

Two hours later, my gut, and the receptionist are proven right.

The colour is rich, the cut a little longer than I usually have done, but Joanna assures me if it’s too long and bulky for me to style (it never looks as good after you leave the salon!) to come back, and she’ll give it trim.

I’m pleased. The colour and cut cost more than my usual stylist charges, but the cost of living/lease rates are higher where I live now than where I used to live, so it’s expected.

Moral of this story: When your gut talks, listen. When opportunities present, accept. The Universe is trying to fulfil your wish.


Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself. ~Oprah Winfrey

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