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Save and Salvage

“Well, it seems the copy of the WIP I found in my email from 2013 Deb, wasn’t the final version. I found a…”

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Echoes of Memory

Ostensibly, when a chick flies the nest, the nest should feel bigger. More expansive. But with two gone and one prepping to fly away tomorrow, our nest feels like it’s shrinking. Folding in on itself, like Origami; changing shape without changing foundation. The universe condensing around echoes of memory that grow louder, and keener with …

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Countdown to True Love – Share to Win!

I’m hosting a contest for one lucky winner to win a custom tote and bookmark from me, and a bottle of Mon Guerlain from Parisian parfum maker, Guerlain, est. 1828. Click through to learn more! Contest details below: COUNTDOWN to TRUE LOVE, Share to Win, CONTEST ENTRY RULES Share to Win – Entrant must Follow/Like …

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Author Tip: Email Yourself

“A search of my hard drive proved fruitless. BUT…”

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Countdown to True Love

“Before she could melt into the jungle at her back, he turned towards the water and, to her increasing horror—and deepening delight—loosened his breeches and shoved them down.”

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Amazon and Tears

I still remember, as an eleven-year-old, scouring the library shelves at school for the latest Black Stallion and or Nancy Drew book, and later, in my bedroom at night…

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Holiday Gifting and Brain Health

“When I finished it, I knew immediately who I wanted to dedicate it to…”

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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and friends! May this day find you, and those you love, happy, and well. Deborah One of life’s gifts is that each of us, no matter how tired and downtrodden, finds reasons for thankfulness. ~J. Robert Maskin

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Monday Motivation


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God’s Teeth, Daughter

Twenty-five years ago, today, my maternal grandfather died. He was a proud man. A hard man. He was also a man who loved his family–though he had a terrible way of expressing it. Demanding, and critical, he was also–in his own way–caring. Your car died? He was the first one to lift the hood and …

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