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Scotsman of My Dreams

I found Karen Ranney’s  Scotsman of My Dreams in a book store on a sales table, alongside Lisa Kleypas’s, Marrying Winterbourne. I snagged them—half price!—with high expectations for the latter author, and no knowledge of the former. So, colour me surprised, when I discovered I quite enjoyed Scotsman of My Dreams.

Minerva Todd and Dalton Maclain are interesting, well-rounded characters. Their interplay is delightful. And well-done. But what I found most interesting, was not Minerva Todd’s unconventional attitude and behavior (for her time)—that’s done so frequently in Romance it’s no longer a hook for me—but Ranney’s skill in _seeing_ the world through Dalton Maclain’s eyes.

I won’t go further, other than to say if you’ve not read Scotsman of My Dreams, and you enjoy intelligent writing, artfully verbal discourse betwixt characters, and realistic emotions and miscommunication, then add Ms. Ranney’s best-seller to your list.

4.5 stars.


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