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Dear One Series

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January 2021


Dear One series Christmas season 1912 supplementary novella

Series Duo – Books 1 & 2

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My Dear One

1912 – An English debutante on the run from an arranged marriage, a widowed Texas cattle rancher whose scarred heart is only outmatched by his conscience, and a love that defies all expectation… Fleeing an arranged marriage, Lady Dianna Marshall sails on the Titanic with a childless couple who’ve offered her sanctuary in exchange for …

My Own

A woman forced to face her past …1914… When Dianna Douglas emerges from a coma to discover her young son is missing and believed dead, victim of the same storm that almost killed her, she refuses to accept he’s gone forever… A man desperate for closure…Jake Douglas lost his first wife and son in childbirth. …

My One True Love

1915… Twice widowed… Margaret Sweeney has no intention of marrying again. Her heart simply cannot withstand another loss. Besides, it’s a rare man that knowingly weds a barren woman, and she buried him. To honour his memory, she decides to dedicate herself to Sugar Hill, the tobacco plantation he left her. But when she meets …