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My Dear One

One of only six 2018 debut Romance novels shortlisted by Kobo for their 2019 Emerging Writer Award, and the only Historical Romance. Two hearts, three lives, one future… Lady Dianna Marshall’s world is full of glittering possibility, until her father darkens it with word he’s contracted her to wed a man she despises. Her attempt …

My Own

1914… A woman forced to face her past … Suffering amnesia following a tragic accident, Dianna Douglas struggles to fit into a marriage, and family, she has no recollection of helping create. When her memory returns with brutal clarity of her young son who’s vanished and is believed dead, victim of the same storm that …

My One True Love

1915… Twice widowed… Margaret Sweeney has no intention of marrying again. Her heart simply cannot withstand another loss. Besides, it’s a rare man that knowingly weds a barren woman, and she buried him. To honour his memory, she decides to dedicate herself to Sugar Hill, the tobacco plantation he left her. But when she meets …