Enticed by the Operative

When it comes to Romance, I lean toward historical: Regency, Victorian, Georgian (I’m a little old-fashioned at heart). When I read contemporary, it’s usually a thriller or crime novel. But I’ve been incorporating more contemporary Romance into my reads, and Lara Lacombe’s books are a perfect historical/contemporary blend of Romance with a thriller/crime vibe.

Enticed by the Operative’s FBI/drug cartel premise and gradual-burn love-story is right up my alley. I enjoyed the realistic amp-up in emotion and connection between the heroine, Olivia, and hero, Logan; the brief glimpses into their individual pasts to explain their behaviour added weight and depth to their careful–but inevitable–collision of hearts (and egos). Nothing felt forced. Olivia came across as a compassionate and strong woman. Logan as an honest–honourable hero with realistic male responses to a female he’s strongly attracted to. The drug-cartel danger, and Jungle setting, added an interesting foray into a different–and sad and terrifying–world. Ms. Lacombe did a good job of making Olivia and Logan’s inevitable HEA feel natural, and not contrived. A Romantic Suspense reader must-read.


Fear makes us feel our humanity.

Benjamin Disraeli

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