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My One True Love

Margaret Sweeney battles ghosts from her past, and immediate threats to her future, as she struggles to rebuild her life from the ashes of yet another devastating loss in this emotional and steamy third book of the Dear One series.

Georgia, 1916. Margaret Sweeney has no intention of ever marrying again. Her heart simply cannot withstand another loss. Besides, it’s a rare man who knowingly weds a barren woman—and she buried him. To honour her late-husband’s memory, she decides to dedicate herself to Sugar Hill, the tobacco plantation he left her. But when she meets the plantation’s tenured overseer, Joe Banner, and his delightful daughter Maisie, all her plans to refrain from ever loving someone again, go awry…

Joe learned young the danger of giving his heart to a woman, and vowed to never make that mistake again. For a decade he’s been true to his word. Then the new owner of Sugar Hill sweeps into his and Maisie’s carefully ordered lives and upends everything, including his resolve to remain aloof…

Painful as it is to lose in love, it’s nothing compared to losing a child. So when Joe’s past, and Margaret’s present, conspire to threaten Maisie’s future, the couple are forced to confront their feelings for each other. Will hurtful history dictate a continued course of separate lives, or will they finally give in to what’s truly in their hearts, and chart a new life, together, as a family?

A novel of the heart—its relentless quest for a family to call its own, and of love’s unfailing power to heal even those hearts believed broken beyond repair…


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