Three Wishes: A Dear One Christmas Novella

Shortlisted for Kobo’s prestigious Emerging Writer Award recognizing Canada’s best debut books of 2018, Deborah Small’s novel, My Dear One, is praised by readers as: “heartfelt”, “emotional”, and “a beautiful story”. This novella is supplementary to it, and shares what happened in the wake of Dianna’s sudden departure from Jake’s life—a period of time, and character experiences, presumed, but not shared in the original story.

If wishes were horses…

December 1912. Eleanor Douglas knows exactly why her son’s wife left him—and it’s a secret she’s prepared to take to her grave. Her only wish is that her son would come to terms with his wife’s decision, and move forward with his life.

Margaret Stewart lost everything, including her husband, when the Titanic sank. She can’t forgive her cousin Jake for letting his wife walk away without a fight. Her only wish is that he’d put his marriage before his pride.

Jake Douglas lost at love once, and swore he’d never do it again. But he did—and found himself on the losing end once more. Now his only wish is to be left alone with the broken pieces of his heart. But wishes aren’t horses, and these three wounded souls will need all their powers of love and forgiveness, if they’re to find peace, and joy, this Christmas…

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