A Darling for a Duke

The first in a new series blends Deborah Small’s signature emotional writing style with a dash of intrigue against the rugged backdrop of 18th Century Scotland as a battle-hardened soldier is torn between his duty to protect his family’s legacy and lands, and his desire to shield an innocent woman’s heart without sacrificing his own…

What price, honour?

Justin Bradshaw vowed to never marry. Only… he is married, courtesy of a contract landed him when his elder brother died forcing Bradshaw to abandon the military life he loved, to protect and restore honour to a dukedom, generations in the making. There’s a chance Bradshaw can regain his marital freedom and retain his self-respect, if he can find an honourable way to void the marriage—before his new wife regains her memory

What price, love?

Brooklyn Darling has no idea her new husband is trying to spare her heart by sending her away. Or that he wishes to nullify their marriage. Nor does she know she wanted no part of the arrangement in the first place. She only knows she’s the Duchess of Camberleigh, and she belongs at her husband’s side—provided she can convince him to let her stay. But when her memory finally pieces together and Brooklyn remembers she’s a pawn in a power play and more, the events surrounding the accident that led to her memory loss, she wants no part of the charade. Only… 

 She’s fallen in love. With her husband.  The heart-breaking question is: can he ever love her?

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