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My Own

November 2018

Dianna and Jake Douglas overcame individual and mutual heartache to build a life, love, and family together. A life, love, and family ripped apart when their young son goes missing and they find themselves on opposite sides of an emotional divide—and separated by an ocean—as the world around them descends into war…

Texas, 1914. English heiress, Dianna Douglas, traded a life of idle leisure in Britain for one of rustic idyl on a Texas cattle ranch with her American husband Jake, and their three children. But when tragedy strikes, and their young son vanishes, Dianna and Jake struggle to bridge an emotional divide. They’re further separated by physical distance when a surprise visitor suggests their son may be found in England, and Jake insists on travelling alone to investigate. War is raging in Europe, and enemy U-boats stalk the Atlantic. He’ll not chance losing anyone else he loves on what might prove false information. 

Dianna reluctantly stays behind to manage the ranch, and care for her daughters who need her more than ever. But when weeks turn to months without word from Jake, Dianna can wait no longer. 

With a dear friend at her side, Dianna returns to the land of her birth where she confronts hostile family, and traumatic history. And it is there, in reconciling the broken pieces of her past that she unearths the truths she seeks, leading her into the heart of danger on both sides of the English Channel as she fights to save her son, and her husband, and make her family—and their hearts—whole again…

Emotional and absorbing, My Own is a novel of love and commitment, and the healing power of faith and family amidst the heartrending devastation of unimaginable loss.

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The series begins with My Dear One, recognized by KOBO as one of Canada’s best debut books of 2018.

Praise for MY OWN

Wow! I enjoyed the first book in this series (My Dear One) so much! It made me wanting more, and My Own did not disappoint!! It was exciting, and suspenseful, but at the same time a beautiful love story! My favorite books are Historical Romance, and Deborah Small did an amazing job of combining the two. I can’t wait to see what comes next!” – Goodreads Reviewer

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