Word Wednesday: Moirai

In ancient Greek mythology: Moirai.

English equivalent: Fate.

According to Wikipedia, the Moirai were either the three daughters of the Greek Goddess of the night, Nyx, or the daughters of Zeus, and Themis the ancient Greek Titaness who embodied good counsel, law, and justice. Birth origin aside, the three sisters, Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (alloter), and Atropos (unturnable–a metaphor for death), decided, in short, who lived, what direction each person’s life took, and for how long. They embodied one’s destiny, or fate.

Fate and destiny are major themes in my novels. In My Dear One, Dianna rails against the injustice of certain events, and her new mother-in-law tries to help her, by asking her to consider that she is exactly where she needs to be…

“Don’t, Dianna.” Eleanor shook her head. “You can spend a life time second guessing yourself, or you can accept that some things happen for a reason. That some things are meant to happen. I had no want to come to America when I did, but I had little choice. And when Thomas died, John didn’t have to offer marriage. He could have waited me out, and then bought me out. I’m quite certain once the shock and anger wore off, I would’ve come to my senses and begged him, anyone, to help me get back to England. I resisted his initial proposal, unwilling to burden him, embarrass him, but he was persistent. And now…” She compressed her lips. “I can’t imagine any other life, Dianna. England has not been my home for a very long time. And I hope, for my son’s sake, you can learn to love living here as much as I have.”

In the book I’m writing now, the heroine, Margaret, struggles to understand the tragedies that befall her, as many of us do when faced with unimaginable heartbreak. She believes she’s done something wrong; that she’s being punished. But as I’m trying to show through her story, she’s not so much being punished, as being prodded–painfully, because she has a tendency to limit herself to what others want, rather than what she wants–towards her destiny. A destiny that will enable her to–if she’s courageous enough to put aside her fear and grasp it–realize true love, and more, her purpose in life.

Pushing past painful emotional and social barriers is the theme of My Dear One, and My One True Love. It’s also the theme of 2019 for me. Check in on Thursday January 24th to discover one small step I took towards realizing one of my dreams, a step I hope to share with others I love, in the not too distant future.


Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out. ~Michael Burke

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