Steady as She Goes

The latest Covid-19 development in my home province is a travel ban. I get why our government is doing it; I’m still furious it’s come to this.

For the last year, the one way Hubs and I managed to muddle through not being able to hang out with friends and family was to escape in our RV into the backwoods and, honestly, forget we’re in the middle of global pandemic.

In the backcountry, with no TV option and limited or no radio or cell service, and with only the squirrels, birds, and bears to keep us company, we were able to unplug; destress and refill the well so that when we got home, we could contentedly resume restricted living. With our ability to access 944,000+ square kms of land now snatched away – or rather corralled into a 5000 square km area with 2.8 million other, potentially infected people – I’m wavering on the edge of rebellion.

To now, I’ve firmly followed restrictions, and required the same from those with whom I share a home. And, because I, and those I know have done everything right, yet we’re no further ahead – and indeed are further behind than we were a year ago – I’m done in. Worn out. Tired of behaving. And if I’m feeling this way, I can only imagine the response from those who’ve been chafing at the bit – or outright running wild – for longer.

The escalating Pandemic fatigue and social rebellion amongst young and old alike in this area will only worsen in response to the government’s latest measure, no matter how well-intentioned it is. Meaning things around here are going to grow more turbulent.

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Honestly, for the first time in a year, I am truly scared. Terrified, really. So I am going to do what I usually do when scared, and focus on things I can control: home, and personal wellness and safety.

I’m going to finish painting my office that is still only half done, and has been since, oh, January? Hubs and I are also going to tackle the remodel of our laundry room, the only room still as we found it when we bought this house six-and-half years ago. If we get all that done, and we’re still locked down, well, there’s a six-foot privacy fence forming the boundary of our property in need of sanding and re-staining. Our deck needs a sand and stain, too. And, if we’re still locked down when all of that is tickety-boo, well, we may have to turn our attention to those untouched storage boxes in our crawl space; after six-and-half-years, I reckon they could be sorted and their contents tossed, donated, or finally put away wherever they belong. Of course, in the midst of all this maintenance and task completion, I’ll continue to write and Hubs will continue to work from our kitchen nook.

We will muddle through provided we stay steady as she goes.

How are you coping? If you’re in a lockdown area, please comment with some of the things you have planned to help you through. And, if you’re one of the lucky ones whose freedom hasn’t been curtailed, share your adventures so that those of us in lockdown might live vicariously through you.

Until we’re out the other side, stay safe, stay well, stay true to those you love.


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