Word Wednesday: Iki-Ningyo

**EDITED: this post was originally scheduled for Feb 20, 2019 but was bumped for the Plagiarism post, so I am further along in the writing of My One True Love than this post indicates.** DS

The life of a writer is interesting and varied. Sprinkled throughout the writing, editing, revising, formatting, uploading, art, promo, newsletter and blog post preparation and scheduling, etc., is research. Lots of it.

How to. Current, and or historical facts. What, where, when, and why… so many questions encountered in a writing or administrative session, as many answers to source. And sometimes the answer is not one of necessity, but of interest.

I’ve reached an edifying point in the writing of My One True Love as far as Margaret is concerned. She’s coming to terms with her feelings regarding a myriad of issues, one of which was her brief marriage to George—you remember George, from My Own? Anyhoo, the above word combination found its way into My One True Love through Margaret’s musing. I expect it will survive the edit/revision process, so you’ll eventually get to understand how it fits into the story. For now, here’s the answer to the question that may arise when you reach that point in the story: What is, Iki-Ningyo?

Iki-Ningyo is a form of Japanese art. Rather than try and explain it, I’ll refer you to Alan Scott Pate, Antique Japanese dolls. And here’s a visual from the same website:

From: http://www.antiquejapanesedolls.com/pub_artinfocus/sosaku_ningyo/sosaku_ningyo.html


What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

John Lubbock

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