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Summertime Christmas

I’ve been home all week working on final edits of My Own in preparation of sending it to my editor.  Sporadically, I’ve been exchanging emails with the artist I hired to design three ebook/print book covers for my Dear One series. It’s been a quiet, and productive week. Quiet, because Hubs is out of town …

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Itchy Feet – Family Tradition

March is winding down and April is set to debut, hopefully in a cacophony of colorful blooms and dazzling sunshine. We need it. This winter seems to be lingering, with unseasonably cold temperatures and precipitation over and above what the weather people term, Average. And frankly, I can’t wait. My feet are itching! No, I …

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And then there are grandmas.

There are grandmas. And then there are grandmas. My maternal grandmother was of the latter variety. Soft in all the right places, gentle, quiet, she was the rock of the family. I loved her dearly. To me, she was Mum-mum, my name for her from the time I was toddler and she used to look …

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Little Man

I held my firstborn grandchild for the first time this week. It was surreal. Looking into his face, I saw my firstborn son, and I was once more an over-joyed–and terrified–new mother. Tiny fingers. Tiny toes. Tiny, but strong nose and chin hinting at the strong-willed, and capable man he would become. Silky smooth skin …

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