Summertime Christmas

I’ve been home all week working on final edits of My Own in preparation of sending it to my editor.  Sporadically, I’ve been exchanging emails with the artist I hired to design three ebook/print book covers for my Dear One series. It’s been a quiet, and productive week.

Quiet, because Hubs is out of town on work-related trip. Youngest child is currently living away to work a student job before returning to University in the fall. And second-youngest child is, well, quiet. Even when he’s here, I hardly know it. The cats, however…

Male Cat makes his presence known, frequently with yowling whenever A) his food dish is empty, B) he wants outside, C) the house is too quiet at five a.m. and he wants us all to know he’s still alive. Female Cat, on the other hand, is more subtle in her dominance. She simply takes over my office chair the instant I make the mistake of departing it for food, or bathroom breaks. It’s been a silent battle of wills, that I continue to win by virtue of my opposable thumbs and greater strength. I am King Kong to her Timon.

I’m appreciating the relative peace and slow pace. I know it is a temporary lull in what will prove a blistering pace this summer. Travel for work, and family time, that I am dearly looking forward to.

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For the first time in I can’t remember how long, for a few days this summer, I will have all my kids and my grandson in one place. It’s like Summertime Christmas for me.

One of the toughest parts of being a parent, is being separated from your children, whether by physical, or emotional distance. Or both.

Currently, three of my four children live eight hours away by car. It’s tough. I miss them.

Summer can’t come soon enough for me. And will be over all too soon. Which is why, between revisions on book 2, checking sales reports on book 1 (yay!), writing book 3, and making decisions on cover art for all, I intend to squeeze every happy moment out of every precious day that I’m fortunate enough to share with those I love.

I wish the same for you. Time with those you love.


Hope is patience with the lamp lit. ~Vauvenargues

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