Puppy and a Promise

In a recent Facebook post, I mentioned listening to Reba McEntire songs, and I promised an explanation. Well…

English Pointer (hunter dog) on the meadow

In 3-4 weeks, Hubs and I will be traveling to Alberta to collect our new family member. She’s an English Pointer, and though we haven’t determined yet which one of the six female puppies born into a litter of ten live pups, we do know all the pups are beautiful and healthy. And that our life is about to undergo yet another huge physical and emotional change.

Part of the change, is puppy-proofing the house and yard. Hubs spent yesterday afternoon building a gate to close in, and yet still provide access to the gas cans/mower, etc., stored between our shop, and the fence line. He also put up a solid barrier at the other end of the shop to block human and canine access. I’m shopping for a medium-sized dog crate to use until our girl transitions to the large one I bought years ago for our late dogs. There are vet appointments to book, a six-foot lead and harness/collar to buy, puppy classes to register for…

What has all this to do with Reba McEntire?

We’re buying from a CKC Registered Breeder, and she’s offered us the opportunity to submit a few 80s song titles (her litter theme) for the pup’s CKC registry name; I chose 80s songs by my favorite female country artist, Reba McEntire.

I don’t know if the breeder will register the pup under any of the names I sent her, or one of her own choosing, but it was fun reeling back through the years, submersing myself in songs I still love, thirty plus years on, like this one:

Last week I shared the song titles I sent the breeder with my newsletter subscribers and asked them to share with me which of the three names they liked best for a chance to receive one of three free Ecopies of My One True Love when it releases.

You still have time to get in on the name choice fun and free Ebook opportunity –just subscribe to my newsletter now, because in early June I’m sending out a reminder to readers to get their favorite name choices in for a chance to win. And for restorative doses of sweet puppy love and crazy puppy antics, and to keep up on my and Hubs’s mobile office adventures now that campsites are reopening, please, join me on Instagram and Facebook. Links below.


The only peace, the only security, is in fulfillment.

~Henry Miller

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