Still Kickn’

Just a brief note to say, Yes. I am alive. And working on getting well. I’m tolerating about 30 mins of computer work, no more than twice a day, and with a loooong break doing something slow-paced and non-repetitive between sessions.

To learn more about the under-recognized but very real dangers inherent to computer work–especially pro-longed, repetitious, and/or fast-paced actions such as copy-pasting, mousing, and typing–like rotator cuff tendinitis and thoracic outlet syndrome, and why prevention is really the best medicine, read this.

***I believe this issue will become more prevalent as more jobs are computerized and more children grow up attached to a computer mouse or game controller*** — the only prevention is ACTION, as in, get up, get moving, do something to stretch and strengthen the WHOLE body. DAILY.

Walk. Bike. Swim. Play Bocce. Dance. Limber up with Yoga. Tone with Pilates. Anything to help you build or maintain a strong body and core. Take care of yourself.

You deserve it.

Take care.

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  1. Keep feeling better! πŸ™‚

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