Share your Diamonds Plucked from the Ashes

The world is on fire with fear and dismay, heartbreak, and loss. But here and there are sparks of light, glittery glimpses of goodness and joy. So, every day on my Facebook Page, I’m going to share five Diamonds Plucked from the Ashes of my life as I knew it pre-Covid-19. I’d love it if you’d join me there, and share your daily diamonds in the comments of each post…

Pictures, recounts of funny or fun moments, little snippets of something that warmed your heart, or your toes. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture—it can be something as simple as waking up to the smell of fresh coffee delivered to your bedside by your spouse, or the way your toddler fell asleep in a sunbeam on the living room floor. Or the fact your landlord advised you she’s forgiving your rent for six months.

Whatever it is, share. Let’s scatter diamonds; sparks of light, hope, and joy, to add a little glitter and warming light and disperse the chilling darkness.

Remember: stay home, stay safe.

Stay well, my friends.


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