Uniquely Yours

We’re often urged to “be ourselves”, encouraged to shake off social pressure from peers and social media to be pretty/smart/responsible/thoughtful/creative/financially fit/healthy–you name it, we’ve been inundated with direct and direct messages to whiten our teeth/lose weight/self-tan/buy an iPhone, yadda-yadda-yadda–and it’s HARD. Hard to separate the incoming messages from inner messages and choose the ones that make us unique. It’s no different for writers.

Aspiring authors are constantly advised to find Their Voice, that unique style that sets them apart from other authors in their genre BUT that is not too different because agents/editors prefer to pitch/sell what’s selling because they knows there’s a market for it. But what happens when an author blurs the line between unique and uniform?



~Learn what you are and be such.~Pindar


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