The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Welcome to the first-edition of Review Wednesday on my blog! I’m excited to share with you a book I read last month that is still resonating with me: The Clockmaker’s Daughter, by Kate Morton.

I found The Clockmaker’s Daughter during one my strolls through our local book store. I go roughly once a week to browse and breathe books. It’s a ritual for me as restorative as a day spent in nature, or a hot mineral pool, with the added benefit of offering me a multitude of new worlds to explore, and different authors to try. I’m really glad I decided to give this book and author a try…

Brief synopsis: Elodie Winslow is a present-day archivist on the brink of marrying her fiancé. But when she takes on the challenge of sourcing and authenticating a particular artifact, she’s drawn into a generations’ old murder mystery, and discovers a link to her past that irrevocably changes her, and her future.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter is as much murder-mystery as romance and weaves through past and present via multiple narrators–of which Elodie is one of the primary–with the fluidity of alpine streams winding their way down a mountainside to flow into, and form, one mighty river. The story peels away in layers, while simultaneously building in depth and breadth; a present-day’s search for love and meaning that whittles away at generations of silence, secrets, and conspiracy, to expose love—and life—lived and lost, gained and found; true love as enduring as history sculpted through time.

I found The Clockmaker’s Daughter delightful in its complexity, brilliant in its execution. 5-stars.


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The Clockmaker's Daughter: A Novel by [Morton, Kate]
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Kate Morton was born and raised in Australia, and studied theater and drama in London, before completing a masters in English Literature. She’s now a bestselling author. Learn more about her at:

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