Soul Sunday – Enjoy the small moments

Friday was my third child’s birthday. He and his friends headed out to snowboard for the day and returned to our house for pizza and a wild game of Dominoes, before they all cabbed down to the local night club. After helping Hubs’s mom to bed, Hubs and I spent sat in front of my computer for a good half-hour watching almost a quarter-century of family photos scroll by on the screen saver. We got a little teary-eyed.

We’ve come so far, and enjoyed so much.

Not all is as it was, but all is as it is, and every day offers opportunity to be something beautiful.

If life and loving and has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the small moments, and to take as many photos as possible. When the kids are grown and gone, and the parents mourned and buried, the pictures of family history remind us that regardless of how much we sacrificed, or how hard some months or years were, it was worth it. Every heart singeing moment, and soul bruising day, was worth it.

The birthday boy and his brother a few years back waiting for their homemade hot tub to fill. <3


“Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow may never come. There is only the miracle of this moment. Savor it. It is a gift.


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