Nothing Else Matters

I’ve written about this before, my youth reading and watching crime/mystery books/movies, and how age/maturity has changed my interests. This last week, it’s been all W-Channel and HALLMARK movies, which honestly, was NEVER me. 

When my husband and I met, and especially in the first… ten, or so years of our marriage, he tried–and failed–to entice me on Date Night with romantic movies. Finally, in desperation, he suggested he stay home with the kids and I go to the Video Rental store and pick out our Date Night movie (Yes, we’re that old, and yes, our date nights revolved around getting all four kids to bed so we could sip wine and lay on the floor on a comforter, and watch a movie). I went to the video store. I came home with a Chuck Norris film. My husband was appalled.

“Do you mean I’ve been picking out Romance films for years to PLEASE you, and you don’t even like them? 

Umm… yeah?

Poor guy. He was devastated to  learn he’d been suffering through Romantic films after I sneaked off to the bath ($4.00 is $4.00) when all along I preferred ACTION movies? 

Umm…. yeah?

Let’s just say, that we realized communication was something we needed to work on as a couple. 🙂 

Fast-forward another decade-and-a-half, and guess who’s watching ROMANCE films? Specifically, W-Channels’s HALLMARK CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN movies. Um…


Age. Maturity? Crime/awful-people fatigue? I don’t know. I only know I crave Happy Ever Afters. Small towns. Good people. Sweets, and sweet endings. Family. Friends.


Love and family.

In the end, nothing else matters.

What about you? What do you want–Action, or Romance–on Date Night?


Where there is lasting love, there is a family. ~Shere Hite

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