Escape Through Historical Romance

Feeling antsy under the mandatory stay-home orders? Me, too, which is funny, because as a writer, staying home is literally what I do ninety-percent of the time. In fact, prior to this pandemic, I often texted Hubs to grab groceries or necessaries on his way home from work, just so I wouldn’t have to go out. But, tell me I have to stay home, and …

To tame my inner rebel, I’m keeping busy with home and backyard projects, and of course writing, and reading.

For me, novels are the penultimate escape, and historical romance the ultimate portal to places, people, and social conventions, lost to time, and modernity. That’s not to say that change is a bad thing. In many instances, it’s the best thing.

We owe our amazing medical systems and democratic rights to progressive ideals and continual improvements throughout history. We’ve also lost a few steps when it comes to good manners. And that is what draws me to Historical Romance–the juxtaposition between then and now, which, when observed with a critical lens, reveals sticky cobwebs of old bias clinging to current times, and the centuries’ old traditions, like habeas corpus, still driving present day justice and reformation.

Time is the only thing that never changes. It ticks on regardless of what the rest of us are doing at any particular time in any particular place in the world. And what most of us in the world are doing at this particular time in history, is staying home. So why not escape the only way you safely can right now–through a collection of specially-priced romances offered by myself, and other historical romance authors. Just click on the link below, and find your portal to a new place and time…

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well, my friends.


What we love to do we find time to do.

~John Lancaster Spalding

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