A Darling Announcement!

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A Darling for a Duke is ready for you!

And I can’t wait for you to read the first my new Georgian-Regency romance series!

I had so much fun writing this book, perhaps because it was spawned by my adventurous decision to accept a 30-Day Blog Post challenge (way back in 2013!) whereby each day was themed with a letter from the alphabet. Stumped for something to write on only the second day (letter B) I relaxed, closed my eyes, and heard a conversation in my head between two English gentleman. I started typing, and voila!, the opening scene of a A Darling for a Duke was born. Anyway, enough about the story’s start – order it (below), so you can read it and discover what happens, and how it ends!

P.S. The $2.99 ebook price, and $11.99 USD print price is only for pre-orders. On November 6th, the price will rise to $5.99 (USD) per ebook ($12.99 USD print), so scroll down and get your copy now!

Also, on November 6th, newsletter subscribers will receive a link in their email to access the Bonus Epilogue hidden on my website that is available only to newsletter subscribers. Thank you so much for all your support, and happy reading!

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Release date: November 5th, 2019!

Pre-order your copy now!

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