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Coming November 2018

From the author of My Dear One… a gripping sequel that sweeps us back in time and across an ocean in a desperate race for answers that unearths dangerous truths, and inspires heart-breaking sacrifice, all in the name of love…

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I am a reader first, a writer second. I write emotional stories that reflect my optimistic idealist nature: always seeking the silver-lining, especially in the darkest hour. I was fortunate to be raised on a hobby farm where my passion for reading, and all things furred and feathered, was indulged. When I wasn’t adopting stray cats …

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Where I note my thoughts on life, writing, and the writing life.    

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We need it. I need it.

I wrote on Facebook recently my challenge to remain positive in what seems a Tsunami of awful news throughout the world of late, and I received many encouraging remarks and virtual hugs. I can’t express how much that means, and truly makes a difference, in how I feel. I believe we can all, at times, …

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Paralysis and Gratitude

I’ve been working from the cosy bright nook of my kitchen since August, when my youngest son’s friend moved in with us for a few months to complete a co-op work-term required as part of his University degree. The location change plants me directly in the hub of household activity. It’s not ideal. And I’m …

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Curse ruthless time!

Curse ruthless time! Curse our mortality. How cruelly short is the allotted span for all we must cram into it! ~Sir Winston Churchill   And with that, my friends, I am taking a social media break to ensure I cram what I need to into the time I’ve got. I’ll be back. I promise. Deborah

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Rockin’ the Highway

We’re rockin’ another busy summer of travel. We left home July 1, and since then we’ve logged over 4000kms. For non-metric folk, that’s about 2500 miles. Along the way we visited–briefly–with friends and family, but mostly we cruised alone, the two of us and our travel trailer, aka, my mobile office. Our first night out, …

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