Thank you so much for stopping in! If you’re not familiar with me, I’m Deborah Small. Romance author. I write about love, loss, and redemption, in mainly Early American, Georgian, and Regency eras, though I do have a contemporary series planned. When not researching for, or working on, the next book, I love to hang out with readers, and other writers, on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram (especially if you like cats, horses, wine, bubble baths, camping, and the outdoors).

Deb’s Reading Room is my library, where I invite you in to learn a little about some of the books I’ve read.  Maybe you’ve read some of them? In the For Readers section, I share who and what inspired my first book, along with information and links related to themes, or events, in the stories, like adoption, and the Titanic.

My For Writers section is only one page right now, but it’s an important page, as I share little of what I’ve learned over the last twenty years, of developing my craft.  Deb’s Writing Room  is my blog. I try to post weekly, so if you like what you read there, sign up to receive my posts directly to your inbox, and you’ll save time having to stop in here (though you’re welcome anytime!).

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Upcoming Releases


April 2018: My Dear One, book I in the Dear One series.

The Dear One series is set in the 1910s, starting in late 1911 with My Dear One, due out in April 2018.

The sequel, My Own (late 2018) begins a few months prior to the 1914 outbreak of WWI. The third book, My One True Love (2019), carries the reader through 1915. Two more books are planned in the series, and I’ll update progress on them, as progress warrants.



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I was raised by my mom and stepdad on a hobby farm where my passion for reading, and all things furred and feathered, was indulged. When I wasn’t adopting stray cats and dogs—and the occasional flock of geese—I was riding one of my horses, or locked in my room with the latest Nancy Drew, Black Stallion, …

Deb’s Writing Room

Where I note my thoughts on life, writing, and the writing life.    

The Books

Dear One Series                                                                     1912 …   When the Titanic sinks, Dianna faces desperate choices…         1914…              …

March Madness

If you clicked on the title expecting something about college basketball, I apologize. As much as I love basketball (three of my four kids played competitively in high school) I don’t follow the March playdowns. My March Madness stems from insight gained at a recent writer’s meeting seminar. Almost every month, the writer’s group I …

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Formal is Normal

Late last week I emailed ARCs of My Dear One to volunteers. One reader has already finished (!), and another contacted me to tell me she’s loving the story–hates the steward–and what is up with the heroine’s formal speech? Short answer? She’s British. And daughter of an English peer. Rules of etiquette differ depending on …

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What A Girl Wants – In A Cover

In my last book review, I mentioned how I ended up angry, tossing and turning, instead of sleeping, after finishing the book. I want to expand on my reaction. As I mention in the review, I was drawn to the book  initially by its cover. As a warm-blooded, heterosexual female, with an affinity for all …

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March is Calving Season

March break was second only to summer break when I was a kid, and only because it was a good six-weeks shorter in duration. And a whole lot colder. Especially on the Ranch. March didn’t just signal a break from school for me; it heralded a trip to BC’s interior to visit my aunt and …

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