I Think So

A friend recently posted a meme on Facebook about the INFJ personality type, which is only 1-3 % of the population. It’s also my type, as well as hers I assume. This got me thinking about whether INFJs are reflected in greater numbers within the writing/artist community. Based on what I found on this website, …

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Look Well Into Thyself

Two lessons in, and I’m realizing for all I learned last year, this year promises to be a greater test of my tenacity, and willingness to step outside my comfort zone and ask for help.

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Teaser Tuesday

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Finding Meaning

My earliest memory of Christmas was of wandering out of bed on route to the bathroom and glancing down the hallway to see my Mom at the kitchen table wrapping gifts. By her elbow was a box containing a Peanuts electric toothbrush. The next morning, I unwrapped a gift from the Tooth Fairy; it was …

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‘Twas the Romance Author’s Night Before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, This author was working, keyboard and mouse; The coffee was hot, so she sipped it with care, While deciding what colour to make her heroine’s hair. The hero of course, was tall, dark, and handsome; But what about a name, and maybe, profession? Billionaire or …

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Nothing Else Matters

I’ve written about this before, my youth reading and watching crime/mystery books/movies, and how age/maturity has changed my interests. This last week, it’s been all W-Channel and HALLMARK movies, which honestly, was NEVER me.  When my husband and I met, and especially in the first… ten, or so years of our marriage, he tried–and failed–to …

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Sparkle and Sound

I always felt a little sad, and not a little guilty the years we didn’t visit because it was the other-side of the family’s turn that year.

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Angels Among Us

The Holiday season tends to disrupt the routine of all but the laser-focused amongst us; Christmas parties and socials, gift shopping and wrapping, baking, packing, hosting… A whole year of fun distractions and social-catch-up crammed into thirty-one days. It’s fun, if exhausting. Toss in a couple of unplanned ER visits, and it’s down-right invigorating. And …

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Book Baby Blues

There’s a little-known disorder that affects some authors that very few people, except other authors, knows about. Readers certainly don’t know, at least the ones that do not follow regularly, an author whose suffered it—and talked openly about it: Book Baby Blues. Authoring, revising, editing, and polishing a book is an intense labour of love. …

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The longest journey begins and ends with a single step

2018 has proven a wonderful year for me. I realized a long-held dream in publishing not one, but two novels! I also spent an amazing spring and summer traveling around BC with my husband in our travel trailer. We enjoy our home-away-from-home (and my mobile office) so much, we’re already itching to get out in …

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