Cowboy Heaven

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to indulge. I ordered twelve new books, three written by Richard P. Hobson: Grass Beyond the Mountains; Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy; and The Rancher Takes a Wife. I am in Cowboy Heaven. Cows. Cayuses. Blizzards. Wood stoves. Wolves. And, of course, cowboys. Rugged men who lived by their …

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Back to Basics

I ran into an old acquaintance today. During our discussion, she let on how tired she is – tired of working full-time and not keeping up. Everything from gas to milk is more expensive and she’s overwhelmed; she expressed guilt over registering her child for an art-camp for Spring Break, instead of jetting off to some tropical …

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Plan A to Plan B

A life that hasn’t a definite plan is likely to become driftwood. ~David Sarnoff No matter where you are on your life’s path, smile. You are exactly where you put yourself and through the same power, you can move yourself–once you figure out where it is you want to be, and what you have to do …

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Memorable Sensations and Believable Characters

Toast. This is one of my favorite smells, not for its odor, but for the memory it provokes of me as a young child sitting on my grandma’s knee enjoying a snack of toast strips dipped in ketchup, and seriously milk-diluted tea. Comfort. Security. That is what I feel when I smell toast. Smell is only one …

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Sunday Showcase

Welcome to Sunday Showcase where I showcase a writer, or book series, that has influenced me. Last week I mentioned the Nancy Drew, Black Stallion, and James Herriot series that founded my love of reading, and of writing romance. No. They’re not romance novels. But inherent to each series is a long and abiding emotional …

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Sorted out, sort of.

Twitter issues seem to be resolved. Still wondering where my fave Blog list went. I’ll work on restoring that tomorrow. Today is booked for a 65th birthday celebration that we’re hosting, which means domestic chores and wine rule the day. Speaking of wine, ensure you keep an eye on Tawna Fenske’s blog – She signed …

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Technical Difficulties

I am experiencing Technical Difficulties. Twitter will not allow me to post/change settings, and more mysteriously, my favorite Blogs list disappeared off my page. I am baffled, but determined to root out the problem. Now where did I leave my tweed cap and magnifying glass? Deborah

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STOP the Presses!

Something amazing and completely, about frickin’ time!, happened today. LINDA GRIMES GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!! Okay. You can resart the presses. Yay Linda!! <3 Deborah

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Why I Write Romance

What do Nancy Drew, The Black Stallion, and All Creatures Great and Small have to do with writing romance? Nothing. And everything. For me. They were my core books when I was young, and as an adult I still count them among my all time favorites. Though each series represents a different genre, Mystery, Adventure, and Creative Memoir, were …

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