A New Year, a New Debut Review: THE WATCH

THE WATCH, by Tyner Gillies3.75 Silver Wine Goblets                                         What do you get when you mix a hard-ass Canadian Mountie with a prescient witch and a basement-dwelling demon? Tyner Gillies’s gripping first novel, THE WATCH. Tyner Gillies’s debut strikes hard and fast, sucking the reader in from the first adrenaline-pumping page right through to the “can’t look” …

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Debut Review: IN A FIX

Debut Review: IN A FIX, by Linda Grimes                                 4 out of 5 Silver Wine Goblets Move over Janet Evanovich! Linda Grimes’s debut novel, In a Fix, nails it. The funny bone, that is. And the sexy bone (not that one). Laugh-out-loud funny, In a Fix is an Evanovich-esque romp featuring Ciel Halligan, an aura-adaptor (she …

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Be Well

Four days ’til Christmas, and I am not ready. Seriously. And I have absolutely no excuse. Christmas comes around the same time every year. December 25th. Without fail. And still, I am not ready. I am not alone. There are others like me. Scrambling, fretting, tense and frustrated, teeth ground to nubbins because there is so …

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Blog Bog

I thought it was just me, but a quick perusal of other blogs I used to frequent, and I discovered their authors are posting as infrequently as me. Rotator-cuff tendinitis kept me away from the computer for over a year. That is slowly improving, and with it, the amount of time I can put in, which …

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Ergonomics and Heat

Frustrated by continued pain when I write, I took some time today to scout around a variety of stores for a possible solution. I believe I found two. Well, actually, I bought three things, but I haven’t cracked the wine yet, so I can’t speak to its value. But the ergonomic keyboard and cape-style heating …

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Still Kickn’

Just a brief note to say, Yes. I am alive. And working on getting well. I’m tolerating about 30 mins of computer work, no more than twice a day, and with a loooong break doing something slow-paced and non-repetitive between sessions. To learn more about the under-recognized but very real dangers inherent to computer work–especially pro-longed, …

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Body-cology: things I wish I’d known

You  may not know this, but…humans are not meant to sit for long periods of time. Unfortunately, in our increasingly tech-advanced, and motoring world, that is exactly what we do. And now we’re paying the price. Or I am, at least. And a major contributor to my current physical issues–improper desk/chair ergonomics. The chair I’ve …

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Dino to Dynamo!

I did it. I caved. I upgraded my old Pantech for–gasp–a Blackberry. I swore I never would. I also swore I’d never remarry again. Or move to a red-neck town like this. I lied. Photo: Telus Mobility Twitter. Facebook. Text. Email. All from my phone. And only $10.00 mo more than I was paying for …

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Was it in your eyes when you were born; Or did it develop through the years; That steely glint of the strength within Honed sharp as a razor on whetted stone? Ramrod spine and head held high, To battle do you march; Once an infant sweet and soft, Now a soldier trained to fight. To land, …

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Uniquely Yours

We’re often urged to “be ourselves”, encouraged to shake off social pressure from peers and social media to be pretty/smart/responsible/thoughtful/creative/financially fit/healthy–you name it, we’ve been inundated with direct and direct messages to whiten our teeth/lose weight/self-tan/buy an iPhone, yadda-yadda-yadda–and it’s HARD. Hard to separate the incoming messages from inner messages and choose the ones that make us unique. It’s no different …

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