Feb 21

Rebel Fear

I started out a bit of a rebel. Mom says she put a harness on me one day when I was a toddler. I had a penchant for toddling off. Most toddlers do. Fearless, ignorant of danger and mobile, young children get into things—and out of places—they shouldn’t. So, on went the harness. For about …

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Feb 14

Valentine’s Day Edition: Fate, Friendship, and Mud

Following a luncheon date with a friend, I’ll call her R, I texted her a thank you; shared how much I’d enjoyed our visit. She concurred, and expressed how crazy it was that we met where we did, when we did, each of us ending up at the same location through circumstance–hers sad, mine out …

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Feb 07

Keep Going

Have you read The Secret? I did. Years ago. And it resonated with me; the whole idea of creating the world you want through vision and belief. How else can you do it? When I sit down to write a one-hundred-thousand (plus?) word novel, I do so without certainty of what words I’ll use. Or …

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Feb 01

Hump Month, and a Contest!

February is to me, what Wednesday is to the five-day work-week crew: Hump Month. My final blustery and icy hurdle, before spring melt. I just have to keep moving. Which isn’t always easy. But I have a few tricks that help me cope until warmer, brighter days arrive… Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. There is just something …

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Jan 29

Snowy Sunday and Newsletter Musing

It’s a snowy last Sunday of the month. Where I am, at least. And I’m enjoying a quiet day watching the snow fall, while catching up on laundry. I’m also preparing to learn more about MailChimp and newsletter preparation. I don’t have a newsletter yet; I struggle to think of what I might include in …

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Jan 21


Enjoyed a good discussion with one of my children today, regarding friends. Specifically, how to manage competing interests. One friend wants to do one thing, another something else, and another nothing at all; how to balance that to please the majority, while also remembering to prioritize personal well-being. Good question. And one I hardly feel …

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Jan 13

Staying Bright in the Darkest Month

January is difficult for many people.  Cold. Blustery.  Short on daylight. It’s the trifecta of depression. Or SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke. It hampers some people’s ability to function. Insomnia. Fatigue. Apathy… I used to be hit hard every winter. My mood sank in direct relationship to the declining hours of sunlight. My …

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Jan 11


I’m afraid Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter distracted me from my blog and website. It’s so easy to tap out a couple words, or post a quick snapshot from the smartphone, that it’s even easier to neglect something that requires logging in and… thinking. And I’m thinking that needs to change.  At the Surrey International Writer’s Conference …

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Jan 04

And then there are grandmas.

There are grandmas. And then there are grandmas. My maternal grandmother was of the latter variety. Soft in all the right places, gentle, quiet, she was the rock of the family. I loved her dearly. To me, she was Mum-mum, my name for her from the time I was toddler and she used to look …

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Aug 18

Little Man

I held my firstborn grandchild for the first time this week. It was surreal. Looking into his face, I saw my firstborn son, and I was once more an over-joyed–and terrified–new mother. Tiny fingers. Tiny toes. Tiny, but strong nose and chin hinting at the strong-willed, and capable man he would become. Silky smooth skin …

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