Technical Difficulties

I am experiencing Technical Difficulties. Twitter will not allow me to post/change settings, and more mysteriously, my favorite Blogs list disappeared off my page. I am baffled, but determined to root out the problem. Now where did I leave my tweed cap and magnifying glass? Deborah

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STOP the Presses!

Something amazing and completely, about frickin’ time!, happened today. LINDA GRIMES GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!! Okay. You can resart the presses. Yay Linda!! <3 Deborah

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Why I Write Romance

What do Nancy Drew, The Black Stallion, and All Creatures Great and Small have to do with writing romance? Nothing. And everything. For me. They were my core books when I was young, and as an adult I still count them among my all time favorites. Though each series represents a different genre, Mystery, Adventure, and Creative Memoir, were …

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