More Historical Romances Free or $0.99!

I decided to extend the $0.99 love and expand it to include other Historical Romance authors. We’ve partnered to bring you more heartfelt historical romance reads to help you through this challenging time of staying home to stay safe. Click the button below, and check out all the awesome offerings. Grab the ones that interest …

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My Go-to Books When Times are Tough

I’ve experienced a lot of heartache and loss over the years, and sought out different remedies to help heal the soul pain. Counselors, friends, family, family doctor, and of course, books. In our current climate, reaching out to counselors, family, and or friends, can be a struggle. We’re all feeling overwhelmed by worry, whether for …

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Share your Diamonds Plucked from the Ashes

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Plucking Diamonds from the Ashes

While the world burns, I plucked diamonds from the ashes… ALL THREE OF MY BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR ONLY $0.99 – (digital copies). Grab yours below! Please share this post, and thus the on-sale price love, with your family and friends. I have no idea how long we’re going to be cooped up …

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An Ace That I Can I Keep – Kenny Rogers

Amid the chaos Covid-19 is wreaking on the world and people in it, arrived news this morning that country singer Kenny Rogers died. He was 81. I immediately went to YOUTUBE and searched for, and played, his song, Lady. I don’t often do that—get sentimental over the loss of a celebrity and seek out some …

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Weathering Life’s Storms

“Only the people we love are raised high enough in our consciousness to warrant fond or frivolous recounts of our most humiliating missteps months, or decades, later.”

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Signed Paperback Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win signed paperbacks!

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Soul Sunday – Enjoy the small moments

Friday was my third child’s birthday. He and his friends headed out to snowboard for the day and returned to our house for pizza and a wild game of Dominoes, before they all cabbed down to the local night club. After helping Hubs’s mom to bed, Hubs and I spent sat in front of my …

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Fun Friday – Stress Relief

Animals are known for their stress-reducing properties, and the following compilation of videos is a perfect example of why. Enjoy, and happy Friday! Deborah

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Thankful Thursday – Finding Rhythm

Family and medical crises, and big life changes, have a way of taking a person’s schedule and tossing it out the window. Thankfully, once the dust settles and new routines are established, a manageable rhythm emerges. Sort of. My mom has healed physically from her mastectomy, and seems to be coping well emotionally. She’s cheery, …

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