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MY DEAR ONE and MY OWN online resources

This is a list of sites visited over the years of writing and rewriting, in particular, My Dear One, and My Own.

Not everything learned from each site ended up in any of the books, but everything was useful in some way.

I also can’t guarantee that each bookmark still links to the site I used. I simply copied and pasted the links.  Though they all worked for me at the time I transferred here, and my computer virus/malware system offered no warnings, be aware, you **click at your own risk**.

The Chronicle Herald

[Clarence V. Mitchell] With A Military Ambulance in France, 1914-1915

1900 to 1940 events

1910 Butterfly Camisole and Monogrammed Drawers 

1911 & 1912 Clippings from Troy Gazette-Register, Bradford County PA – Marriages

1914 WOOD FIGHTING 24-10 – 10-11 – LIGHTBOBS

1915 Suffolk & Essex Free Press (newspaper archive)

22 April 1915 14th Canadian Battalion moves to Mouse Trap Farm

22 April 1915 1st Brigade Canadian Field Artillery moves from reserve

22 April 1915 3rd Canadian Brigade reserves ‘stand to’ 

A Funhouse Mirror of Law: The Entailment in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

A Glossary of Slang Edwardian Promenade 

A Short History of Land Registration in England and Wales

Accessories (Swiss Rifles) 

Amarillo Daily News (Saturday August 29, 1914)

American Heritage (SHANGHAIED!)

Augustus Nathaniel Lushington Biography (one of the first Americans of African descent to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree)

Battle of Neuve Chapelle

Battles of the Western Front 

Beginnings of the automobile: the predecessor companies

Blanco Canyon

British Infantry Uniforms 1914-1915



Chronicles of Oklahoma

Church of England 


Cowboy Resoures

Crewe, Marquess of (UK, 1911-1945)

DAD’s Diary 1915-1919



Emmeline Pankhurst Biography

Epsom Derby

Fare Thee Well – Poem by Lord Byron

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America

Forms of Address (UK)

French Phrases and Sayings used in English

Full text  of “Life of Reverend Mother Mary of St. Euphrasia Pelletier”

Full text of Text book of veterinary medicine 


Great War Forum

Handbook of Texas Online 

Hereditary Titles search

Herefordshire Through Time

Historical Calendar

HOLDS BACK MEN AT PISTOL POINT – Worcester Evening Gazette (1912)

House of Commons Journal (UK)

Identifying the Dead – 1914 -1918


Interior of Houses of Parliament (UK)

Katherine Furse – British Red Cross Volunteer 1875-1952

LEAPS FROM LINER’S DECK, The Evening Post (1912)

Liturgy of the Hours

Locks to cabin doors – Titanic

London and Southwestern Railway

Maurentania forced to slow by icebergs – Encyclopedia Titanica


Mexican Americans and Southwestern Growth

Molly Brown (Margaret Tobin) Biography

Mountain Lion Tracks and Sign

National Archives (UK) Stephenson, 2nd Battalion King’s Own

New York Women’s Health – History

Nurse Alice Cleaver (inspiration for woman in lifeboat with Dianna)

Old Trails Museum, Winslow, AZ

Old Maps (UK)

Palace of Westminster

Parishes: Birtsmorton

Photograph of sheriffs of Navajo County (AZ)

Picture Collection Online (New York 1910s)

Plant by Plant – Prickly Pear

Royal Army Medical Corps in WWI

RMS Titanic Immigration

Royal Ascot – Horse Racing


Texas County Map

Texas Hereford Association

Texas State University – endangered species management

The Doughboy’s Uniform and Equipment

The Edwardian Debutante

The Learning Zone – World War I glossary

The RAMC Base Hospitals 1914-1918

The Victorian Period in England

The Long, Long Trail: The British Army in the Great War

Titanic Belfast

Venomous Snake Safety

Veterans and History

Victoria (carriage)

Victorian Toys – Games

Vintage Victorian Titanic Ladies’ fashions

Waldorf Astoria – Google Books

Waldorf-Astoria guest room

War Surgery, 1914-18 (Video Archive)

Weed, Booze, Cocaine, and Other Old School Medicine Ads

Western Slang and Phrases – A Writer’s Guide

World War I Veterans – The Canadian Machine Gun Corps

WWI Experiences of an English Soldier

WWI Mother Anzac and other WWI nurses

Wynne’s diary – the life and times of an Edwardian woman





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