Precious Time

I’m a die-hard in-the-pulp book reader. Not that I haven’t downloaded books to the Kindle app on my tablet to read. I have. And sadly, have yet to read any of them, as a scroll through my purchases/downloads informs me.

I logged on to Amazon to leave a review of the book I read this week: Scotsman of My Dreams, by Karen Ranney, and after posting it, I noticed Amazon had very kindly kept a record of everything I’d ever bought in case I wished to leave reviews. So, I did. For my recently acquired laptop. And nothing else.

I was aghast to realize I couldn’t leave another book review despite there being numerous books on my sales history. Many were research books bought so long ago, that despite their privileged position on the shelves in my office, I’ve forgotten my impressions of each. And the novels…


Gads. I can’t remember if I read any of them. Which means I probably haven’t. Because they’re undoubtedly on my Kindle app. And I read for pleasure almost exclusively in the bathtub, a cup of hot tea or glass of wine and a glass of water on the side table, steam swirling, bubbles frothing. Electronics and moisture have an ambivalent alliance, so I rarely require them to coexist. Which is why I was rather (and rarely) delighted to see a sponsored ad in my Instagram feed this week, for Kobo’s aura H2O. Sadly, it’s sold out. But it gives me hope.

Hubs and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary in August. When he asks me what I want to do to celebrate, I just may suggest a visit to the Kobo store.

What about you? Pulp or Virtual reader? Or do you, like my daughter, read off your smartphone? (my eyes!)

Paper or eReader, the how is less important than the do, which ultimately boils down to: why?

I read, because I love to journey to new locations, and see the world—and life—through the eyes of different people. And when an author does a good job, like Karen Ranney did in Scotsman of My Dreams, of drawing me into a world I’ve never had to experience, and now have a greater appreciation for… it’s priceless. It’s also why I write: to, hopefully, make a positive difference in another person’s life.

In your life.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me.


Always aim for achievement, and forget about success. ~Helen Hayes

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